Descriptive writing by Tauturu

Hi my name is Tauturu, I am 13 years old and my culture is cookIsland/Maori and I have a family of seven which is three boys and four girls plus my mum and dad.My mum is an alcoholic, my dad just stays home and tries to look after himself with my other sister and her baby but as for everyone else were either out and about or not living with my dad like me and my brother.

I come from South Auckland, Otara but now I got kicked out from my dad's house and got moved to my aunty's house to get a better life and to try to make it better. Where I live now with my aunty is here in Papatoetoe, with my cousin and my niece living in a two bedroom apartment close by.

My hobbies i like doing is art and graffiti, i started loving art between the age eight to ten and started to learn how to do graffiti at the age eleven till now, but i still need help with trying to get my colour's right and drawing more neater so i can improve more to become an artist or a graffiti artist.

Something that I believe in is having more money, money is which what most people need just like people like me. Money is always needed for South Aucklander's but for people that are rich living a good life are lucky so they wouldn't need it but for us, we would need to go on the benefit at win's.(stereotype)

Something that represents our school Papatoetoe high is the school logo which is a shield with an athlete running with an Olympic torch. Digne, lampada, tradas which mean to be worthy to carry the torch is our school motto, our school has three school values which is to be responsible, be respectful, and be a leaner.

Getting through high school could be hard cause most of the people don't even make it like my friends, they either end up like me or end up even worse, well i could do that but I've come so far that I wouldn't need to cause I have dreams, dreams to become an artist or a graffiti artist, to come to a good school and try to learn and to believe in what i want to be when I grow up.

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Tauturu Karena


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