Just A Small Man World By: Luke Brighton

On this beautiful summer day, I decide to sit on my favorite chair in my backyard to watch the insects fly and listen to the birds chirp. I started to doze off thinking about their life and how cool it would be to see the world from their eyes.

I woke up to something crawling on me. I have never liked insects and can’t stand the creepy crawly creatures. As my vision started to recover, I came to the realization what was standing in front of me... a giant ant!

The ant is in front of me. I’m looking at the ant and it’s the same size as me. Or am I the same size as it? It opened its mouth and started to talk.

”They say you should pick on someone your own size; today must be my lucky day” squeaked the ant.

The ant tried to step on me like I stepped on so many just like him countless times before. I jumped to my feet and ran. I ran like never before. I ran ‘till the ant was no longer in sight. A part of me wants to go back and tell him I am sorry for being careless, but I have been bitten by ants in the past, and I can’t stand the look of them one bit. The fact that my biggest fear is now as big as me and it spoke in perfect English is blasphemy. I really need to get out of here.

I must still be dreamimg, everything is huge and I’m small. The birds in the air are the size of planes, every small pebble is the size of a boulder, and the ant was like a horse. I have come to the realization that everything around me is huge. I’m surrounded by grass looking down on me. It feels like a forest of green.

I ran too far. I’m lost in the middle of my backyard!

At this point, I have no idea what to think. The grass is towering over me, and I’m lost in the middle of my backyard. I can see my house peering over the blades of grass and it appears to be miles away.

I know this can’t be real. I try to make my way towards my house, but the route seems endless. After some time walking, I hear the sound of a sliding door and the annoying squeal my little sister makes. Or I guess my big sister now. Every step she takes shakes the ground. As she gets closer and closer, I realize I have a problem; she could step on me.

I ran as fast as my little legs could run in hopes of reaching the house. My sister’s screams and thuds started to sound louder and louder. I finally reached the porch out of breath when everything got dark.

I have no idea what to think. I hear a “Mom! Come look at what I caught!”. I think my sister has me trapped under some sort of cup. She lifts up the cup and slowly peeks under the lid. “Charlie?” she says. All I could get out was a little squeak, and I’m almost sure she couldn’t hear me. As she picked me up (without being gentle), she yelled, “Mom look!” Her once cute, high pitched voice boomed in my ear.

My mom let out an alarming shriek when she saw me and said something about dinner. I couldn’t hear her voice; it seemed to be muffled and quiet. I started to lose my vision, then I got poked on my shoulder. “Charlie, you've been sleeping for hours. It’s time for dinner.”

No way, I was sleeping this whole time. The world from their eyes is a frightening one and I don’t think I’ll be able to get close to an ant again. I’ve truly been having the craziest dreams. I notice an ant crossing the path in front of me, and I decide to let him live for once… not.

Created By
Luke Brighton

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