The climate of Barbados is an average of 86°F, and has around 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. It's geography includes 60 miles of coastline and it is 166 square miles. From north to south, the maximum length is 21 miles and from east to west is 14 miles. Agriculture is centered around sugarcane.

Popular foods in Barbados include flying fish or cou-cou, fried fish or fish cakes. The recipes for these are:

Restaurant experience in Barbados is wonderful, and the servers treat you with utmost respect, as they should. Most restaurants automatically add 10-15% to your bill because they are sure the servers are great. Any other tipping can be done entirely by your discretion.

Some holidays in Barbados are:

Emancipation Day, August 1st

Kadooment Day, August 7th

Independence Day, November 30th

Popular destinations include Harrison's Cave, Bridgetown, and the Accura Beach Hotel & Spa.


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