Title: 2.7 Analyse the Application of risk management strategies to a challenging outdoor activity NAME: Matilda bainivalu

1. Identify the most relevant risk ? The most relevant risk during the wero whitewater park that i identified was bruises and its causal factors were that perhaps the team members were not being cooperative enough resulting the bruised student being negatively affected or maybe the bruised student him/herself were not listening to the instructors instructions and not knowing what to do. I believe that this is the most relevant risk because most of us got bruises especially me. It happened at the man made river when the left side of the raft was sinking and the instructor instructed us people on the left to move to the right and lean and by being able to do that we would have to untuck our feet from the raft seat but my team members were fully enjoying and didn't hear Ariana our instructor and I actually did what she said and unfortunately I fell into the water and hit my right shin on the raft because I couldn't hold onto anything when the raft was one sided


Before the trip

🤦People: We are to listen to every safety precautions that is instructed by the instructor. To cooperate. Being able to let others know that they can trust me during troubled times. Supporting, encouraging and listening and respecting others opinions who have lack of confidence, frightened and are discourage about the activity. Before the trip the teacher gave us each a medical form to make everything easy .eg to let her know if we are good swimmers or we take medication regularly, because by these, problems and risk would be easily avoided. The negative effects about these activity is when were being instructed by the teachers and she isn't loud and clear enough because some of us kept talking when she was trying to guide us and instruct us about what to do.

🏐Equipment: The management strategies that we did was to make sure we bring our gears in every practical lessons eg when we were being told by the teacher to bring our gears. During the activity we were instructed to use and take good care of the equipment's properly to avoid damages and injuries. What was frustrating about these strategies is when sometimes when we bring our gears being told by the teachers, we actually have to hold on to it in our gear bags for the rest of the day was is really stressing and annoying.

🌴Environment: The management strategies that did was to make sure that the day is a fine one and that environment suits the activity that we want to play. But I find playing in the gym much better than playing outside because its much more warm, safe and cleaner rather than playing outside the play ground which is too big for only the 13 or 12 of us in our class and by the time we finish playing we're all dirty and sweaty which is really frustrating.

During the trip

🤦People: During the trip we were to make sure that we support and encourage other students who are not able to do the activity or scared and cooperate and listen to every safety precautions and instructions instructed by the instructor especially in what to do while we're at the man made river that could cause injuries, drowns and bruises if incase our raft flips over. The negative effects about these management strategies was that the instructor wasn't loud enough because of the loud waves and currents at man made river and that we really enjoying causing my team members to yell while the instructor was instructing us and that made our raft to flip over because we didn't hear what she said.

🛶Equipment: We were to make sure that we had all our equipment's and to take good care of them and using them appropriately as the way the instructor has instructed us how to handle them to avoid any damages of equipment's and injuries of other students. We did buddy checks to make sure that all my members have all the right equipment's and that we are all safe. What was frustrating about this strategies is when our life jackets were to tight and it was uncomfortable and difficult for us to breathe and that its collar was almost choking my neck of how tight my life jacket was.

Environment: We were to make sure that the weather was fine by watching and getting information from latest weather news and that it is suitable to attempt the activity and to make sure that we all aware about the dangerous and safe areas in the water raft environment that was being told by the instructor. The negative effects about this management strategy was when we flipped over at the man made river and because of the current we being injured because we were hitting the walls of the river and sometimes I couldn't stop myself at the stairs because of the flow of the current was too strong and I actually had to float right at the shallows and stop there and it was too far me cause I had to run back at where my team is at and get in the raft again.

I believe that these are relevant strategies because this is how we are able to be aware of what to do and what not to do. I chose this strategies because it helps me to cooperate and get great experiences after the activity even though I got a bruised shin and I got to inform the teacher and it was all taken cared of because she gave an ice bag from the first aid kit but we were all relieved that there was no major injuries, no one was left behind and that no life was taken. For instance the teachers had to have a list of names for class checking or make head counts before and after the trip to make sure no one is missing.

3. Judgement

a. The most risk management strategy that was the most relevant was Listening and cooperating because these is one of the most important strategies that we during our other school or class practical lessons and without these we wont be able to know what to do and lot of problems and risks would occur.

b. By this strategy I was actually emotionally enjoying and scared at the same time because it was actually the first time for me to do water raft but I enjoyed it overall because it was a great experience

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