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Happy Valentine's Day Isolationists. Dine well and be good to yourselves.

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March focus: Dystopia Diagnosed: How deep in are we and what will it take to climb out?
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The Sin-terfold

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"Jasper is a Trance Dancer" A short film by Zippers Magee, a Winnipeg Manitoba multimedia artist and VJ. zippers.magee@gmail.com

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Fu Manchu Dystopian Breakout

Motion graphic by Craig Ellenwood


Our first research project, announcement in March.

Ici, un indice. En mars, nous dévoilons notre premier projet de recherche.

Status update: Slipping a little further into dystopia. Not just a first world problem.
In a future digital edition, a look back at the life of Robert Anton Wilson and what his ghost has been up to.
AI and the singularity: Another Y2K or the next COVID-19: A futures study and plan.

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The future is ours to make or break. However sometimes it must break to be remade.
Right? Connect. Isolation has sucked. Pair up and become we's again.
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All content copyright 2021 by Inoculate Media and The i4 Foundation.