How can we be like George? Badgers and Foxes

This is me

I am following routines to be able to work in a team, learn and have fun. Coming into Nursery is easier and I know the grown-ups and my friends will help me to play and have fun.

I am going to learn all about Easter!

The Independent me...

…will be listening to lots of stories and looking at books. I will use small world and dressing up things to act out and retell the stories I hear.

…will be listening carefully to the story The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson.

…will be thinking and talking lots about how the animals were feeling throughout the story.

…will be learning all these new words and using them to understand and talk about the story.

…will be listening carefully to sounds and joining in with rhythms and rhymes.

The Inquisitive Me...

…will be spotting and playing with shapes.

…will be talking about amounts and finding ways to record our ideas.

…will be watching out for signs of spring and will tell others about them.

The Creative Me...

…will be beginning to learn how to hold my pencil correctly when I draw.

…will use role-play to explore the story The Smartest Giant in Town and share this experience with my friends.

…will use different forms of expression, such as dance, music and paint, to share my experiences with others!

The Healthy Me...

…will be practicing lots of different clothes fastenings especially on my coat.

…will be thinking about all the different ways I am amazing.

…will be talking about how the animals feel and how I feel.

...will be trying to be kind like George

Support me

You can help me in lots of different ways. The best way is to talk to me about my play. What new word can I teach you? What numbers can I spot on the way home?

Reading and sharing stories with me helps me learn new words, understand the world and love books.

I can listen to lots of different stories read by my teacher's by clicking here.

Remember our Twitter page too! Click below to go there.

Challenge: Can you be like George and do a kind thing every day? It can be helping a friend to build a model, sharing with someone, tidying your toys, helping to a grown up with jobs. Please share some of your kind acts.


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