Exploring labels Tess little

For my label I choose " jocks"

When people see jocks walking down the street they assume that they are very egotistical and extremely stupid. Everyone assumes that jocks are basic people who have a good life because they most likely are very popular and have a life full of opportunities ahead of them because of what sport they play. It seems like jocks have everything handed to them when they don't even try hard like the rest of us.

Their characteristics are loud, confident, lazy, laid back, and very outspoken. The positive outcome of being called a " jock" is that you're very high on the social ladder and everyone is either scared of you or wants to be your friend. The negative side is that just like many labels that has to do with your ability you have responsibility to keep up with the label. For example they have to win a game or perform a certain type of way all the time or everyone will judge them. The label usually keeps

" very big and buff"

" big and buff"

"Only focused on sports and they don't seem to care much about anything else"

"They party hard "

" really confident with themselves and they seem very stupid"

The advantages is that everyone wants to be your friend and teachers go easy on you. Everyone also thinks that you're really cool because you have a specific ability to perform in a certain sport. The disadvantage is that you also have the responsibility to live up to that expectation. Since everyone expects you to do well in sports you have a lot of things to live up too like running a certain speed or throwing the ball a certain length. It gives players a lot of anxiety because they don't know how people see them. The advantage is that the group is considered very desirable because they get whatever they want and everyone looks up to them and wants to be them or be with them.
For a label I got labelled a deviant because I do not follow societies norms. I tend to break the rules that are presented towards me and I am the opposite of what my family wants to see in a daughter. Deviant is laidback and does not seem to care about what they have to do. If people really got to know me they would realize that, that is not true because I get anxiety if I have to get something done and it's not done on time. The advantage is that nobody expects much from me so I don't get a lot of pressure from my mom but the disadvantages is that everyone assumes that I am a bad student who has bad grades. They only seem to notice the me that they want to see. But being a devising has more disadvantages than advantages. A deviant stands low on the social ladder because we tend to have a negative attitude towards a lot of things or people.


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