Ellis Beach Surf Life Saving Club Welcome to our family club

Meet our 2020 Committee Members

Club President - Leonard Wanklyn
Director of Finance - Jeremy Godfrey
Director of Administration - Graeme Boothe
Club Captain & Director of Life Saving - Geoff Chapman
Director of Surf Sports - Col Cameron
Chief Training Officer - Jeremy Kay
Junior Activities Coordinator (JAC) - Netanya Godfrey
Club House Director & Member of the Management Committee - Dave Donnelly.
Club Photographer - Liz Inglis
Gear Officer - Graham Barnes
Coffee Hut and Cafeteria - Sarah Seaniger and Sharon D'Addona + officiating
Water Safety - Jen Barnes

Gear & Equipment shed

Beach Patrol Hut

Important information is on the wall of the patrol hut
The Beach Patrol Hut stores patrol gear & the special beach wheelchairs

Surf Lifesavers on Patrol

Side by Side Vehicle (SSV)

Patrol Gear on the beach - a rescue board; a rescue tube, fins, bottles of vinegar, a yellow flag

Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB)

Surf Sports

Overall, our junior activities programs aim to build:

  • Life Skills
  • Friends for Life
  • Career Opportunities
  • Family Connections
  • Confidence
  • Future Lifesavers
  • Fitness

Family involvement in sport builds families as well as communities. Active parents provide positive role models for children for engaging in sport and for maintaining lifelong activity.

We would love you to engage and will send you our Family Participation form to fill in, here are some of the areas where parents can get on board once we are back on the beach:

  • Helping with the BBQ / Canteen
  • Assisting with Club Fundraising or raffles
  • Assisting with Nipper activities beach set up/pack up
  • Gear and Equipment Maintenance
  • Education or Training of Members
  • Being an official at carnivals
  • Being a coach assisting with training
  • Assisting with Water Safety at the club
  • Being an Age Manager
  • Completing my Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate and Patrol
  • Completing my Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate and assist with Water Safety at the club
  • Completing other Awards and Patrol
  • Youth Activities or Development
  • Being a member of the Junior Activities Committee
  • Becoming a member of the Club Management Committee

Surf Life Saving offers exciting pathways for juniors and adults - enjoy exploring our pathways website:

Ellis Beach Surf Life Saving club is one of five clubs that are part of our North Queensland Branch, the most Northern Branch of Surf Life Saving Queensland.

Select the link below to explore Nippers Online Learning

Fill in Page 5 of your Activity Work Book
Remember to fill in your Passport every week
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