The Food I Love I Love MAny foods

Tacos are really good. I usually eat them with with sour cream, ground beef, black beans, and Mexican blend cheese. On occasion, when I'm feeling adventurous I might add jalapeno chips. Jalapeno chips are pieces of jalapeno that are deep fried to add crunch and flavor. In addition to normal taco, sometimes I have crunchy tacos. Crunchy tacos are tacos with Fritos and rice added in.
Taco Bell is one of my favorite places to get some mexican food. Although their food may not be authentic it is very tasty. The food isn't very good for you however, so i only eat it on special occasion. My favorite items to get there are the beefy 5-layer, the fritos burito, and the nacho bell grande.

There are many types of tacos. Fish, chicken, beef, steak, all of them, delicious.


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