Utah Symbols JO by:justice

this is the rocky mountain elk.
we got the bee hive because we are like working bees
we have a state fruit of a cherry because we are sweet
this is the bonneville cutthrout trout
our state motto is industry
are state song is this is the place.
topaz is a beautiful gem stone that is are state gem
the spanish sweet onion is our state vegetable.
the quaking aspen tree is my favorite and the state tree
the state flag is not the american flag but it is the best I could do.
our state dinosaur is an allosaurus
this is not really the california seagull but the california seagull is our state bird.
copper is not a dog it is a mineral and it is are state mineral.


Created with images by kat.dodd - "Amarican Flag" • snowpeak - "Stay Away from My Girls!" • Enokson - "Bee-Hive Yourself!" • skeeze - "sego lily flower bloom" • JWolff-STL - "Cherrys for sale" • paulbr75 - "saltwater sea trout trout" • lucac4 - "alacrità" • photosteve101 - "music notes with violin key" • Mauro Cateb - "Treated Brazilian blue topazes" • Jenn Durfey - "Onion Macro" • James St. John - "Populus tremuloides (quaking aspen) (Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado, USA) 1" • Lin Cheong - "DSC_0699" • Mike Bowler - "Dinosaur" • LSstories - "birding" • Agnali - "copper money container"

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