Music Education Culture Shock

Music draws people together through a common interest - but how?
Learning together
Many different types of instruments are used to create different styles of music

Style represents culture

Different types of music show uniqueness of culture and time

Bringing people together from all around to learn about each other

Music is the universal language.
Created By
Emma Short


Created with images by Krista Grinberga (Kalfu) - "music" • Visit Cape May - "Bay Atlantic Symphony 1" • US Department of Education - "Greece Odyssey 659" • simpleinsomnia - "Little girl plays the violin outside" • simple - "bagpipes highlander man" • schuetz-mediendesign - "saxophone music gold" • jerdsimpson - "SpottyGuitar" • paulbr75 - "african instruments background" • PublicDomainPictures - "announcer audio black" • marcoreyesgt - "guatemala culture music" • MIH83 - "background old fashioned music"

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