In My Eyes Heather weston




I took this formal photo of Rachel with artificial lighting, using the photo booth. We were the last ones capable of taking photos and instead of having the lights in front of the subject and the drape I set it behind. I directed Rachel to pose profile and with the lighting created a sense of contemplation. I edited the photo in a way to present a good use of positive and negative space.
This is a formal photo taken of Rachel in the AM in the photo booth using artificial lighting. I put the lighting to her left to capture a full portrait of her, relaxed yet posed. Her shadow creates a formal sense of contrast.
This is a candid photo taken of Jordan in the photo booth using artificial lighting. He seemed very uninterested in the photo shoot that day so I focused on his face and captured the dark shadow on his face being illuminated by the light from his left. There is a nice not fully focused effect occuring on the edge of his face. I played with the brightness and contrast to make the photo pop out more.
This is a candid photo taken of Emma in artificial lighting in the photo booth around 9 am. I sneaked into the shoot that was was being done with her group and while they were discussing how to pose her I caught a photo of her listening. She sits in the middle of the frame, as a divider of sorts for the lighting. It's brightest in front of her, then behind her the shadow gets ever so slightly darker.
This is an environmental photo I took of Kayleigh in natural lighting around 8 am. With the angle I captured her I caught a beautiful natural smile and a nice repetitive pattern from the panels of the shed behind her. The contrast of her face against her shirt and the shed brings focus to her, I brought out the contrast to darken the shadows of her hair to frame her face better.
This is a environmental photo of Rachel taken in the gallery in natural lighting around 9 am. I positioned the display pillars from biggest to smallest in a way, putting the largest pillar in the sunlight and the smaller pillars in the shadow. I achieved the angle form standing on one of the taller pillars and taking the photo from above. Putting the photo into black and white I was able to bring out the contrast and brightness of the photo again, bringing the center point to the biggest pillar and the subject, and creating a sense of movement with the pillars.
This is a self-portrait taken in natural lighting around 8:30 am, in front of a tree with an interesting bench surrounding it. The photo was taken in natural lighting with the sun coming from behind myself. The composition sets the tree into the center of the photo and puts the subject into the first third of the frame. I increased the contrast and brightness to create a holy form of lighting from behind and to bring out the detail in the tree and myself. Contrast is brought forth from the background and the subject who is wearing very light colored clothing.
This photo is a self-portrait, taken by Rachel in the gallery while the artificial lighting booth was being used around 9 am. The flash was used to create a direct use of light, easily creating heavy contrast with my shadow. The composition of the photo is successful because of the photo not being fully in the frame.

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