Four Terrific Teacher Time Savers Created by Sara Butler

1. Super Teacher Tools

is a free website, containing several choices to reinforce and organize classroom learning. Teachers can decide which games, templates, classroom grouping and randomizers tools best suit their students’ needs to eliminate wasted time, organizing each activity and transition. QR Island is a feature that enables teachers to easily convert PDFs, images, documents, website links, and QR codes for better student accessibility and sharing among others. The grouping and roster generator saves time daily in the classroom, to ensure transitions, rearranging learning instruction and activity structure is done most efficiently. There are game options teachers can use according to content skill searched or if teachers need to customize the game content to best fit the learning content and student practice.

Interactive Dice Stimulator, Online Spinner, Classroom Seating or Group Charts

2. Classroom Dojo

is an effective tool to monitor, track, meet, and recognize students, making good behavior and learning choices, for classroom management. Classroom Dojo is an excellent management system that enables students and teachers to work together to succeed at learning through interactive classroom avatars selected by the students and the earned point system when meeting daily behavior and learning expectations. This can be a helpful tool to share with parents when partnering and discussing ideas to help their child succeed at school by making better behavior and learning choices. Student choice and input in achieving daily classroom expectations to excel at learning are wonderful features intended to enhance student efforts at developing a growth mindset, learning responsibilities, self-control, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Resources to facilitate student support and encouragement during learning through academic-risk taking and problem-solving and self-monitoring skills

Enhances partnership among teacher, students, and parents to help maximize learning success

Helps eliminate learning distractions by providing positive social and emotional activities, student-led discussions, and video series to promote a community environment and established classroom expectations

Empowers students to develop self-value and purpose in classroom learning environment with activity participation choices, personal input in classroom team-building lessons, and self-tracking earned points

Student-ownership by monitoring goals, strategy application, problem-solving, and positive affirmation

3. Time Me

is a fun timer teachers can access daily to help manage time on task and better transitions in the classroom. Teachers can customize the timer according to music, color, and fonts to visually assist time on task for the students. Also, the posted or projected timer helps students responsibly manage their use of work time and during group participation activities. Timers enhance learning structure, student learning responsibilities, and calm, smooth, and efficient transitions. Students can recognize specific font colors and tunes on the timer for particular activities or transitions and serve as a reminder of the amount of time available for each activity. Time management and silent, safe, quick, and properly returned material transitions are powerful factors to increase learning. Using a timer is a great tool to eliminate unorganized and chaotic classroom learning, activities, and transitioning to maximize learning!


is a free and easy site that enables teachers to convert digital learning website links into own QR codes. Generating QR codes is a great time saver for students and teachers. Teachers should avoid the time-consuming process of the multiple steps needed to share or help students type lengthy website links, in order to access great digital learning tools and resources in the classroom. Instead, teachers can check out QR stuff’s website, to convert the long website links into their own created, copied, stored, and printable QR codes for their students. This is an excellent and efficient classroom learning time saver to ensure fast student access to utilizing great digital learning tools and resources daily, with time or effort required to locate. needed. Teachers can save themselves from a grueling headache and an abundance of time spent trying to assist students in properly typing or accessing the shared websites, containing long addresses. This is also a helpful and efficient tool for classrooms unable to share and store website links via web learning network systems or student email access.

Created By
Sara Butler


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