Heaven does Exist By: Rahul Hassani

This summer, I had the pleasure of visiting the town of Split which is located in Croatia. I went there with my family and my cousins from Panama. The moment I got out of the car, I was in awe. Even though it was 5 a.m, you could see everything in the distance. However the real shock came when I turned around to see where we were staying. My expression was priceless when I saw the resort. The resort was basically heaven except now you know it exists. This was paradise. I told myself no matter what happened, I wouldn’t leave this town. I stood there for ten minutes doing nothing but zoning out thinking about where and when I was going to buy a house. I finally came back to reality and went inside where we were checking in.

Hotel view

I thought paradise was outside the resort but that all changed when I stepped inside. I was greeted with the smell of popcorn and a cool breeze of fresh air. I went to where my dad was standing and was handed a room key, a V.I.P pass, and coupon that gave me unlimited massages throughout my stay. I kept thinking to myself, “what could get better than this!” The insanely nice woman at the reception gave me a tour of the resort which took around 30 minutes. This was not like other tours in which everyone either got annoyed or bored. This was the tour that you wanted to take. They had a teen lounge with a bartender and everything! Around the bartender were many things which assured me I’d be stopping here later on. They had an arcade in which you could play anything for free! They also had a ping pong table, a pool table, and a dance floor with a DJ and everything!

Teen Club

It was almost 6 a.m when I entered my room. It was a beautiful sight. The room had two king size beds for me and my brother. The refrigerator was filled with beer, soda, water, candy, chips, and desserts. I immediately grabbed a coke and a bag of chips. I jumped on my bed and turned the television on. On the TV there were many channels. In fact, there were at least 10 channels in every language around the world. They had free movies and they even had a Xbox One. I went to see the bathroom and told myself I’m going back to South Carolina to get all my stuff because I’m moving in right now! The bathroom had a TV hanging from the wall which could be seen from the hot tub and the shower. I was in paradise and I didn’t plan on leaving.

At 7 a.m a shuttle came to pick me, my brothers, and my cousin up and take us to a cliff. We were going cliff diving! I’m not afraid to say, I was scared. Everything went wrong the moment I started climbing up. I scrapped my knee before I was halfway up there. You could see the blood dripping down my leg and fall 10 feet below. I thought to myself, “that’s just great!” Five minutes later, I was 20 feet high and on the top of the cliff where both my brothers were waiting for me. My cousin however was nowhere to be seen. I looked below and there he was smiling at me from the bottom. He had chickened out. I looked back and my brothers had already jumped. I cursed to myself and went to the edge where I could see the sea below. I looked up, then down and thought to myself, “well, here goes nothing”, and jumped. I hit the water hard and when I came to the surface, I spit out a lot of salt water. I really enjoyed that jump. I got out of the water and joined my brothers who were already climbing once again. The second time, I did a backflip off the cliff and landed face first in the water. It hurt but the experience took the pain away. I was having the time of my life. When it was time to go, I was so ticked off.

Cliff Jump

On the way back to the hotel, my dad called me and said he couldn’t rent the jet skis for us. Apparently you had to be 18 or older. My dad sweet talked the lady and she agreed to let us go. She made us sign a contract that said if we get caught by the police, the company was not to blame. We were lowkey doing something illegal. At 10 a.m we booked jet skis for the four of us. The highest you could go was 60 miles per hour. I picked the blue and green jet ski and was the first one out in the water. The staff member told us not to attract a lot of attention.

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