Miss Ikigai London

Founder RiaKatrina created Miss Ikigai London in 2018 developing her skill set towards fashion design and print.


Central Saint Martins BA Degree in Performance Within Design and Practise and studying now fashion design at studio8 with a Pearsons qualification by June 2020.

RiaKatrina went on to learn styling specialist role and styling along with design assistant at Joy London and Miss Patina representing the company in China.

After guidance from Holly she has been directed to go in to fashion design as a key role towards her future ambitions.

Ria has interned with Dorothea Guntoft as Stying assistant for Dutch Elle and Gestuz in Copenhagen and Paris.

Ria will next be looking to be an studio assistant or fashion designer assistant role to learn and develop her career.

For more information please contact her at RKPens@gmail.com or follow on Instagram: Secretgardensfashionfilmprint

“Print design can be a way art can express on the body.”

Hand printed illustrations by Miss Ikigai.

“Without culture their would be no art.”

Fashion designs by Miss Ikigai London

Follow your passions

Fashion Development of hand drawings

“I love to use mix media to create something special hand crafted.”

Prints developed 2018 by RiaKatrina

“Print design can capture culture in the colours and design.”
“Beauty comes from shapes colours and textures.”

Fashion illustrations 2018


Like Miss Ikigai let it flow

Water colour illustrations.

“For collaboration contact RiaKatrina.”

Inspired by again traditional painting in Asia.

Inspired by vintage fashion England and the V&A museum.

“Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.”
“Expression comes from within the heart.”
“There is a lot that can be explored in multi media form.”

More Fashion Print Designs exploring bright colours

“I am an illustrator but becoming a fashion designer.”
“If you have an idea send it out there.”
“Play, as if a child again in an adult body.”

Images of inspired Disney characters using clay and water colours.

Contact RKPens@gmail.com for collaboration.

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