Good Life Nature Activity at FLNHM By: Alexander Tatti

Nature on Display: While I don't quite remember the name of this exhibit, I know it was one of my favorite. This single display of the pitcher plant caught my attention because I had never seen anything like it. I only thought that the Venus flytrap was the only carnivorous plant in the animal kingdom but it appears that I was wrong. I feel that this exhibit and display gave me a experience that I would not have never had without it because, honestly, I would even know where to start looking for such a form of life. Simply viewing it on the internet would not be the same. Overall, I really enjoyed my time at the museum because it gave me an experience of these natural wonders that is only second to actually see it myself. In addition, all these wonders are all in one place.

Frog Exhibit (in place of Butterfly Rain forest)

Nature and Ethics: While visiting the new frog exhibit (not the rain forest due to inclement weather), I gained a new respect for Leopold's motto, "love[ing], respect[ing], and admir[ing]" the land. I, along with many children and parents, where completely immersed into the world of frogs. I was absolutely amazed with how many species their were and how different each and everyone appeared and behaved. In addition to all of the display tanks, there were many messages describing how these amphibians are disappearing due to their lose of habitats and disease. This made me think of how much of an impact we have on other species as we continue to expand. During my walk through this section of the museum I noticed how many of the visitors were just as amazed as I was when look at all of the different types of frogs. Although I am not about to be come a tree-hugger, I do feel more aware of how much we impact other animals around us and how careful we must be in order to preserve them.

Cave Exhibit

Nature and Human Spirit:The Natural History museum holds a wealth of information on the part of nature that is typically invisible to us. The cave exhibit allows visitors to gain a better understanding of a creature that some fear and many do not see. While there were not actual bats on display, the atmosphere was nothing that I have ever experience before. I actually felt like I was in the realm of bats. This is something that I and other visitors would not have experience if it weren't for the museum. It's amazing how much you can learn from standing in a dark room with a few text boxes to light the way. I bet anyone, like me, who has walked through this exhibit has a new found appreciation for these creatures of the night and, overall, strengthened their reverence for nature.

All images were taken myself with the help of my mother.


My self and my mother

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