This Week in Our Schools 10/23 - 10/27/17

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Featured this week:

  • Colorado Elementary: Colorado's Running Club.
  • Colorado Elementary: Fall Festival Fun.
  • Colorado Elementary: Meet Vanilla Bean!
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Hines' Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Eichelberger's PK Class and Mrs. Whitlow's Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Miss Harder's Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Ms. Eggert's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Arceo's Kindergarten Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Kulland's 1st and 2nd Grade P.E. Classes.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Dusenberry's 1st Grade Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Jefferson and Central Middle School Reading Buddies.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Annual Fall Harvest Celebration!
  • Madison Elementary: Ms. Holder's Kindergarten Art Classes.
  • Madison Elementary: Mrs. Skidmore's Kindergarten Class.
  • McKinley Elementary: Mrs. Bloomquist's 2nd Grade Library Lesson with Ms. Pedersen's Class.
  • McKinley Elementary: Ms. Pedersen's 2nd Grade Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: PBIS Dance Party!
  • Mulberry Elementary: Principal for 120 Minutes!
  • Mulberry Elementary: Stars and Stripes Leaders with Central's Flag Team.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mrs. Green's Kindergarten Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: 1st Quarter Extra Recess - SOAR!
  • Central Middle School: Justice League Heroes of the Week!
  • Central Middle School: Sixth Grade Penny Wars Challenge!
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Larson-Walgren's 6th Grade ELA Classes.
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Beatty's 6th Grade Social Studies Classes.
  • Central Middle School: Ms. Wiebe's Agriculture Classes.
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Kinsey and Mrs. Ruckles ELA Classes.
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Larson-Walgren's and Mrs. Beatty's 6th Grade ELA Classes.
  • Central Middle School: Ms. Duran's 6th Grade ESL Class.
  • Central Middle School: Ms. Hazelett's Combined Art Class (Mrs. Fick's and Mrs. Week's Classes).
  • West Middle School: Ms. Duran's 6th Grade ESL Class.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Schroeder's 8th Grade Robotics Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Speech and Debate Team.
  • Muscatine High School: Muskie Orchestra: Iowa All-State Music Festival.
  • Muscatine High School: Ms. Phillip's English Language Development Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Mr. Schmelzer's Work Experience Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Model United Nations.
  • Muscatine High School: FFA National Convention.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Hovland's Essential Algebra II Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: Drama Rehearsals for "Twelve Angry Jurors."
  • This Week in Muskie Sports
  • District Staff: Grant Elementary Honors Custodian "Mr. Dan"


Colorado's Fall 3,4,5 Grade Running Club ran every Friday during the first quarter. They will start up again after Spring Break in March! What an awesome group!


Colorado Elementary held their Fall Festival on October 13th. Pictured below are students, their families, and staff enjoying games and Fall Festival Fun!


Meet Vanilla Bean Colorado's therapy/conversation cat! She is 6 months old and is in training. She stays in the Colorado office unless used in a classroom to open conversation with students. She is also used for students to earn minutes visiting and playing with her in the office.

Pictured Left: A Colorado student made a house for Vanilla Bean.


Mrs. Hines Kindergarten students worked in their math notebooks to arrange, analyze, and draw one more up to ten objects.


Franklin Pre-K students in Mrs. Eichelberger's class and Mrs. Whitlow's Kindergarteners went on a Fall Field Trip to Discovery Park! Mr. Bakke and Ms. Michelle had many ways for us to experience Fall. We raked and jumped in leaves, searched for tadpoles, collected items to make leaf men, and learned how live animals, like snakes and salamanders, are preparing for winter. We can't wait to go back and see how the environment changes in the winter!


Miss Harder's kindergartners listened to the story The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything then acted out the story with our librarian Ms. Elshoff, and ...

...In their SHINE groups they worked on writing sentences and during their math time and worked on one more by making math stairs!


Mrs. Arceo’s kindergarten students learned about subitizing.


Ms. Eggert’s 3rd graders worked on their Habits of Mind!


Mrs. Kulland's 1st and 2nd grade phys ed students take the time to fill out their leadership notebook page with Fitnessgram scores to put in their leadership binders with assistance from some 5th grade leaders.


Mrs. Dusenberry's 1st grade class enjoyed many CELEBRATIONS!! Student birthdays, parent helpers ( WE LOVE YOU), Rotations, and A NEW BABY GRANT DOLPHIN. Also staff shared their chapter books with our classroom, and a Baseball Trophy Championship Trophy!!!


Central and Jefferson students enjoy time reading ​with their Book Buddies. Over 40 middle schoolers take time during homeroom to read with students from kindergarten, first, and second grades.


Jefferson held their Annual Fall Harvest Celebration today! Students had a great time with pumpkins, tractors, donuts, apples, and bales of hay....all things Fall! . Jefferson families sent treats and Muscatine High School FFA students drove the tractor and hay wagon donated by Sinclair Tractor. Students also enjoyed their time in a bounce house donated by Bash N' Bounce! Thanks to Jefferson's volunteers, donors, and sponsors who helped make this day a success!


Madison kindergarteners in Ms. Holder's art classes painted their line drawings!


Madison Kindergarteners in Mrs. Skidmore's class visited the Red Barnyard Farm.


Second grade students in Ms. Pedersen's class enjoyed some reading time in the library after their lesson with Mrs. Bloomquist!


Ms. Pedersen' 2nd Grade Class filled their gem jar and got to celebrate with a pajama day!


Our Mulberry Eagles earned 12,000 SOAR Tickets during the first quarter and earned a PBIS dance party! It was fun to see students and teachers bust a move at the celebration on Monday!


Principal for 120 minutes! Estella won the raffle at Mulberry's Fall Carnival to be the principal for 120 minutes. Great job Estella!


Mr. Troy Kulland, and his flag team from CMS, talked with our 5th graders about flag etiquette. After the brief assembly, Mr. Kulland and his team demonstrated to our Stars and Stripes Leaders the proper way to fold the American flag, as well as how to raise and lower the American flag.


Mrs. Green’s kindergarten class made vowel bat headbands to practice the 5 vowels and worked on sorting with Cheetos!


Today was the 1st Quarter Extra Recess at Mulberry! Mulberry students have been doing their best to earn Recess SOAR Tickets by following directions and making good choices at recess. Students who earn a Recess SOAR ticket, then get their name put into a drawing for an extra recess. Twenty-five lucky students were drawn this month! Congratulations to them!


These are the Superheroes of the Week for the Justice League at Central Middle School.


The sixth grade recently raised $350 for MCSA by having a Penny Wars Challenge. A student from the winning homeroom on each team won the chance to throw a pie in the teacher's face from the losing homeroom on the same team. A BIG Thank you to all the students and staff that participated and to Mr. Hurlbert and Mrs. Turbett for being good sports.


Sixth grade students in Mrs. Larson-Walgren's ELA classes are busy using Quizlet Live to learn the vocabulary terms for Unit 2 in Collections. To win the challenge, the students had to work collaboratively.


Foreign exchange students from Germany spoke to 6th grade social studies students in Mrs. Beatty's classes at CMS. They shared about what school is like in Germany and some of their favorite things to do. They also talked about some of the similarities and differences between the US and Germany.


Speaking in tongues and breaking hearts? CMS 7th grade ag students are working through their ag products and processing unit by identifying different meat products and learning how they fit into human diets. Yes, they even saw a cow tongue and sheep heart!


Students in Mrs. Kinsey and Mrs. Ruckles ELA classes at CMS played an online game in order to increase their vocabulary. Students used some of their sign language skills in order to silently communicate with their teammates across the room. (video is side ways)


6th grade students in Mrs. Larson-Walgren's and Mrs. Beatty's ELA classes took advantage of the comfy seating to share their mystery stories.


6th grade ESL students in Ms. Duran's class at Central Middle School are reading the book, "I am Malala," by Malala Yousafzai. Malala stood up for education against the Taliban in Pakistan. She recorded a video for the whole world to see and expressed her opinion on global education. The 6th graders had to write a speech about the importance of education and record the speech like Malala recorded hers.


Students in Ms. Hazelett's combined art class of Mrs. Fick's and Mrs. Week's students with their African masks.


Students in Ms. Duran's 6th Grade ESL class at West Middle School painted pumpkins to celebrate a successful 1st quarter.


Remember this photo from last week's This Week in Our Schools of Mrs. Schroeder's 8th Grade Robotics Class?

They now have THIS! Even though their meet was cancelled for the 28th, take a look at what has happened in West Middle School's 8th Grade Competitive Robotics club! Great progress!


Congrats to @MuscatineHS Speech & Debate team for another OUTSTANDING performance at Des Moines Roosevelt! Took home plenty of hardware! 🏆🏆🏆


Muskie Orchestra: All of our bassists that auditioned were accepted! 4 Muskie bassists will represent MHS at the Iowa All-State Music Festival. Great Job Muskies!

Jack Eichelberger (2nd year All-Stater), Isabelle Hartman (1st year All-Stater), Brissa Echevarria (1st year All-Stater), and Lauren Kundel (4-year All-Stater).


Four students from Germany visited Ms. Phillip's English Language Development class to talk about differences in culture with EL students. It was interesting discussion about education, politics, health care, etc. Students shared their interests and hobbies.


MHS Work Experience Program students continue a twenty-year tradition. Students and staff involved in Work Experience Program activities at MHS took advantage of the fine Fall weather to continue what is now the start of a twenty-one-year tradition of volunteer work with the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Adopt-a-Highway Program. Some students returned to “their” stretch of Highway 38 to remove trash from the ditches while others, unable to navigate the ditch terrain, spent their morning cleaning up at Weed Park.

After the teams finished their assigned areas, everyone gathered at Weed Park’s Sunrise Shelter for pizza and a little down time before returning to classes. Some students elected to pass (or kick) on the downtime by participating in what has become another tradition, the bi-annual Kick-Ball game.

Earlier this Fall, the group received a Governor’s Group Volunteer Award for twenty years of volunteer service. Thanks again everyone, way to go team!


This week twenty-eight Model United Nations students attended the Iowa Youth Symposium at the State Capitol in Des Moines. They joined 250 students from around the state to develop resolutions on pressing world issues: the impact of automation on employment, medicinal marijuana, sovereignty disputes in the South China Sea, and protection against police violence. During committee sessions, students interacted in roundtable discussions with experts, participated in two days of debates, and ultimately wrote a proposal that will now go to the United Nations headquarters in New York City. In celebration of United Nations Day, students also had the opportunity to hear from Kirsten Foster, the Advocacy Officer for the UN Foundation's Girl Up campaign. Micaiah Poffenbaugh received recognition as an Outstanding Delegate in the Economic Committee, and Mercedes Smith was honored as an Outstanding Delegate in the Social Committee.


Around 30 Muscatine FFA members are currently attending the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. Muscatine FFA is representing the state of Iowa by competing for a national title in the Nursery Landscaping, Agriculture Sales and Ag Mechanics and Technology contests. Over 59,000 FFA members from across the country are competing in contests, gaining leadership skills, networking with other FFA members as well as business leaders and college recruiters, and having a little fun a long the way.


Mrs. Hovland's Essential Algebra II classes used Algebra tiles to model multiplying and factoring polynomials.


MHS Drama students continue rehearsals of the Fall Play 12 Angry Jurors. Show dates are next Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.! Come out and see our talented students!


Girls Cross Country

Congratulations to the Girls XC team who placed 6th at the district cross country meet in Iowa City last Thursday! and a BIG shout out to Varsity runner Moriah Morter who placed 11th and qualified for state for her fourth consecutive year!


Grant Elementary

Grant Elementary recognized the hard work of their custodian "Mr. Dan" Perkins this week. His dedication and commitment to Grant is amazing!

Thank you to all staff who submitted pictured this week!

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