Dancer chemistry in dancing

Dance is the movement of rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps. It is also a way for dancers and individuals to express themselves and their feelings.

  1. K+ NaCl Na+KCl ( single displacement reaction)
  2. NaCl + KBr KCl + NaBr (Double displacement reaction)
  3. CH4 + 2O2 CO2+ 2H2O (Combustion reaction)
  4. 2K+Br2 2KBr (Synthesis reaction)
  5. 2NaCl2Na+Cl2 (Decomposition reaction)
  6. HCl+NaOHH2O+NaCl (Neutralization reaction)

The chemical reaction is used in my career by a form of exercise and entertainment performed by many individuals that has been seen as an academic discipline and, inhabited by researchers seeking to build and organize knowledge. Dance is a powerful form of communication, which can be an important educational tool that not only motivates people but promotes a deeper understanding through learning.

This reaction is needed in this career because the connection between the choreography and the science allowed the individuals to visualize the concepts that they originally found challenging.



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