How Does Kincoppal - Rose Bay Express Social Justice? By Group 4 (Emmie Fletcher, Niya Stoyanova, Tilly Parker, Caitlin Davis and Marcelle Eagleton)


Kincoppal-Rose Bay has many ways of expressing social justice, which will be expanded and explained throughout this webpage. Kincoppal-Rose Bay is an inclusive school, and offers opportunities for students who would possibly not have a chance to go to the school. Kincoppal-Rose Bay does not just offer things for its own community, but for others as well, such as communities in developing countries. The school offers social justice initiatives, anti-bullying policies, and our annual celebration of Sacred Heart Day. Kincoppal-Rose Bay expresses social justice in these ways, keeping social justice better than other schools.

What is Social Justice?

Definition: Noun - justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.

Social justice is giving everyone a fair chance and creating justice amongst society. KRB expresses social justice in many ways. We give everyone a chance and a fair go, we give them opportunities to bring parts of their culture to the school and offer students who wouldn't normally be able to go to the school a chance at a good education. We create a better life for people in and out of the KRB community.

Social Justice As A Sacred Heart Goal

Social justice, or 'a social awareness which impels to action', is one of the five Sacred Heart goals, it is very important to KRB. This goal needs to be shown by all students at the school, and below are some ways that KRB expresses social justice.

How is social justice expressed in the KRB community?


Academic Scholarships

Kincoppal - Rose Bay School has a history of providing education opportunities through financial assistance for families. The school assists students from rural and regional Australia and Indigenous communities to pay the fees and attend the school. KRB also offers academic scholarships. These are available to students who succeed in the scholarship exam. The school pays for 30-50% of the school fees for the student's entire senior school education. This enables students who are smart, but do not have enough money to attend KRB paying full fees, to come to KRB and receive a Sacred Heart education at a more payable price. All students on scholarships need to properly display the five Sacred Heart goals.

Indigenous Scholarships

KRB also offers scholarships to Indigenous students. These students, who may have very little to no money at all, are given an incredible opportunity at getting a fantastic education. If these students did not get this education, they would simply be another part of the cycle. They would end up like others in their community, and resort to crime and drugs. A scholarship gets them a good education, and they then will have the knowledge to get their children a good education, and the new cycle has started. The old cycle of poverty is broken, all with a scholarship from KRB.

Two of our Indigenous students that are on scholarships.


Kincoppal-Rose Bay has a strict anti-bullying policy, and does tremendous amounts to help students in tough situations. This is not offered at most other schools, this achieves social justice through getting to the bottom of the problem and resolving it in a practical way. Bullying is a problem that can result in mental illness and other emotional trauma. The teachers and counsellors at Kincoppal help to express social justice through correctly and efficiently dealing with these problems so that they don’t become out of hand. Staff members encourage girls to speak up and talk about what they are going through/gone through.

Trips to Developing Countries

Annually, the school provides older students with the opportunity to travel to developing countries such as Peru, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam where they help care for the elderly, build facilities in villages and schools. During this time they spend one week sightseeing, one week trekking and one week participating in community service. They do a tremendous amount for the communities in developing countries and giving them a better chance at life, using their social justice skills.

Sacred Heart Day

This event is once a year and is an event to further understand our five sacred heart goals, one of which is social justice. On that day students from different year groups build relationships, pupils fundraise and participate in masses and fun games. We come together as a community through activities and initiatives. The school learns and has fun, while dressing up and celebrating our Sacred Heart education, the education provided and founded by the Sacred Heart sisters.

Sacred Heart Day

Social Justice Initiatives

The students of Kincoppal Rose Bay participate in many social justice initiatives, some of these initiatives often include charity funding and raising awareness for important causes. The school's social justice program provides students with age appropriate opportunities to help and assist others in need of support. A good example of one of these opportunities is the Year Ten philanthropy project. The Year Ten pastoral classes take part in a fundraising for their chosen charity, this allows them to make a difference within their local community. They organise things like raffles and stalls in order to raise money for their chosen charity. Some other social justice initiatives include Indigenous support, Salvation Army red shield appeal, and a program called Shoes for Sudanese.

Above is a link to video of the Year Twelve students cutting 30 cm of their hair to donate for the manufacture of wigs for cancer patients suffering from hair loss. This is a fabulous example of the school participating in social justice initiatives.

Aboriginal Inclusions

At Kincoppal - Rose Bay there are a number of Aboriginal boarders and day girls. We honour their heritage and storyline by paying tribute to country before masses, liturgies and assemblies. On Sacred Heart day, this year the pupils participated in a traditional Aboriginal blessing and watched an Aboriginal dance. Kincoppal is part of the network of the Sacred Heart, this network only functions properly if others are open and accepting of another and their religions and race. We take pride in our multiculturalism and our acceptance of one another.

Sacred Heart Day performances.

How has Social Justice evolved since the Opening of the School?

The early days of the school

Since the opening of the school, the community has been committed to participating in activities to do with social justice. The nuns travelled to Australia to give young women the opportunity to learn and grow as a child of the sacred heart because of this thousands of girls have lived there life educated. This is a key example of social justice.

Placed above is link to a website about the team which created this fabulous website. Go check it out!

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