FBI Does Major Damages For No Reason But Doesn’t Pay… Would This Be Different If The FBI Wasn't Apart Of the Government? By: chloe rawdon

If the FBI was it’s own business, would this scenario play out differently?

This picture showing the FBI and someone's own business relates to my story because it shows the diversity between the two pictures.

If you walked in a store and broke something valuable, don’t you have to pay for it?

This photo relates to my topic because of the law that goes for this sentence.

Yes, the law known as “The Tort Law’’ states if you break something, you buy it. The law is mostly known for breaking a valuable in an expensive store usually caused by an accident. However, in this case, The FBI intruded an innocent family’s home, as well as broke things that may be too expensive for that family to repair, on purpose!

This photo of some of the rules of the law known as, "The Tort Law, " relates to my topic because it explains when the Tort Law may come in handy as in the situation we have now.

According to Off the grid news,”The Orange County (Florida) Sheriff’s SWAT team, working under direction of the FBI, crashed into his home at around 6 a.m. on a Thursday morning in late October, breaking down doors and shattering windows. They also damaged a new $3,000 floor. About 40 law enforcement personnel were involved.” As stated, the family allowed the FBI to come in their house and search for whatever they were looking for.

This photo relates to my topic because of how so many people are involved fighting for rights just like how there is 40 people involved in this case fighting for other people's rights.

However, they never said they would break anything especially since they were found not guilty. On top of that, the family obviously cannot afford to buy another new floor after they paid $3,000 dollars for it, so why should the FBI be refusing to pay for it? Is it because the FBI is apart of the government as opposed to being its own business? Since the FBI is apart of the government, when/if they are stating their claim in court, how will the Judge see this? Will he or she be on the FBI’s side because they are apart of the government helping the country?

This photo relates to my topic because of the stress being put on their family not being able to afford the damages they didn't cause and how they're stressing over the fact that the situation could possibly be different if the FBI wasn't apart of the government.

Wikipedia also states, “A tort, in common law jurisdictions, is a civil wrong that unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act. The person who commits the act is called a tortfeasor.” How will this event play out in the end?

This photo relates to my topic because of how this paragraph states how people were suffering from something they didn't do, but yet have to pay for the damages which is completely unfair.

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