Creative Photography By: devyn encalada

Everything was so new in the photography class so I was still trying to get the hang of it. My favorite picture of this collage is the turtle because it is using the rule of thirds and I love sea turtles.
Before & After

This photo is when we were using shadows and flashlights. I love this picture because even though it's a pumpkin, the lighting and shadows make it look like such a dramatic picture. Also, I used Snapseed to put more of a effect on it and make it pop.

Photographer Inspiration Picture

This was one of the black and white photos we did in class using flashlights. The flashlights made a dramatic effect and created a picture that looks like a professional photographer could take.

This was the same picture for my favorite black and white category but it looks just as good with color.

This is a picture of one of my friends in this class. I liked this picture because the way her body was positioned and the emotion on her face makes it have a dramatic feeling.

This class has taught me a lot of different techniques to use in taking pictures. I enjoyed this class so much and can't wait to use the techniques I learned in this class. The class overall was a great experience and I wish I can do it all over again.
This was my favorite picture that I ever took becuase so many things about it make it different. For example, the angle I took it at makes it look like the person that's observing the picture is actually about to take a bite of the pizza, Also, the whole entire class loved the picture and I love pizza.
The End.
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Devyn Encalada

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