The coug gazette A Wazzu Racing Update

weeks of March 19 & 26

The 2018 FSAE competition is quickly approaching and the team has been working hard to finish major elements on the car. The week of March 19, the team has been working to finalize the required itemized cost report, which will be submitted April 2.

Austin working on the itemized cost report.

Last week, supports for the fuel tank were placed on the chassis. During a race, the fuel tank can vary in mass because of the continual decrease in fuel. In previous years, the tank was located on the left side of the car, creating an imbalance in weight.

This year, the fuel tank was moved to sit directly behind the driver so it won't disrupt the car's center of gravity. The hope is that the car will now handle more consistently throughout the race.

Jarod Fry works on mounting supports for the fuel tank.

This year, the team decided to use foam to build the shape for the body rather than wood panels as previous years have done. Using foam saved us time and money.

Paul Sluss sanding down foam to create the necessary shape.

Design is important to ensure all parts will work together and the overall concept functions as planned. This week, students worked on final designs for the body.

Design work for the body.
Students work on various projects in the shop, 3.31.

These past weeks' work could not be done without the help and support of our sponsors. Thank you! Our team members can have continual collaboration and hard work each week because of you!

A special shout out to our two new sponsors, The Sensor Connection and GiroDisc for donating brake components and sensors.

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