Ministry Partners February feedback

This year has really kicked off with an incredibly fast pace. It has been a very busy few weeks into the new year. Here are some of those highlights for you!

Leadership Coaching Klerksdorp

After our first coaching session with the Student Council of Centurion Academy's Centurion campus, the word got out to the Klerksdorp campus and they asked us to do a leadership coaching session with their team as well

We had an incredible day with them. Seeing as we wont be able to see them as regularly as the Student Council in Centurion, we booked out a whole day going through many of the basics. This is really such an awesome team and we will try to meet with them quarterly!

Leadership Coaching Centurion

This year we had our second team session with the Student Council of Centurion Academy's Centurion campus. We are so excited about working with these young people. They are so humble, teachable and hungry!

Doing these coaching sessions with them has really opened up new doors into the campus and because of our coaching sessions we are able to talk about deeper, more personal things much quicker. God has really been so faithful through these opportunities to open doors towards ministry to students!

Centurion Academy Orientation and First Year's camp

Flowing from our coaching sessions with both the Centurion and Klerksdorp campuses SRC's we were really welcomed with open arms during both the orientation week and the 1st years camp. Our agenda for both was just to have a presence among the students and build as many relationships possible with the new students.

During the day and at night we were able to have quite a few very meaningful conversations and possible a couple of discipleship groups starting from there. On the last day of the camp we got to share briefly about who we are and about Every Nation Campus. God has given us so much favor with strategic people at Centurion Academy so we are expectant to see what this year will hold!

Godly Leadership session - Madelief Residence Tuks

Something we have been trusting God for is the residencies at TUKS. This year we have so many House Committee members as well as Residency Prims in our Every Nation church. One of these prims is Line Ferreira at Madelief Residency. She is such a passionate young lady with a deep love for God.

She invited us to share a session on Godly leadership with her team. Madelief has been known for its annual suicides and having been given the opportunity to impart into the leaders there was great. We are trusting God for great things in Madelief and we know that God has placed Line there for a very specific purpose!

Open Window Orientation Week

We also had the orientation week at Open Window. This was the first year where we were able to have a strong presence during the orientation week. We set up a coffee station for the students from where we just had many conversations with a short survey.

From this we learned that yes, there are students who are not sure whether God exists or not, but all of them either said yes or maybe to the question of whether they would be willing to explore if God does exist or not.

We also got to introduce students to our campus society and start to share the heart of who we are and what we do. Being able to present the campus society has really been a great help as it gives us a "reason" to be on campus and build relationships with students.

We interviewed some students with questions to start some discussions for our Society on Campus

We also met with Christo who is now in charge of the Student Council at Open Window. We briefly shared our ideas and passion for the students and he is very open to hear more. We also met Davida who is the president of the SC. By God's plan Davida is someone we actually engaged on campus last year. Although she is spiritually very confused, we know that this is not by chance. We also met with another SC member, Pam, who is a believer and looking for a church.

We really believe that this will be a year of massive harvest on our campuses all throughout Tshwane! We are trusting not just for people to come to church or to join a society, but for those who are lost to be saved! We have so many hurting, broken and spiritually confused students in our city - God has sent us to them!

Berlin mission meeting

We had our second meeting for our Tendays Mission to Berlin in April. Unfortunately not all of the team could be there, but we had a great time discussing the mission and praying together into what God wants to do.

I am truly so excited about this team! We have a couple of very strong evangelists as well as people going on a mission for the very first time! We know that God has put this group together for a very specific purpose! We are ready to go!!!

We really are trusting God to bring the harvest in, especially on the Campuses of our nation, as well as those across the world. Our trust is in God to bring the change in their lives as we are reaching out to them.

Thank you for your continued support, prayers and care. Doing what we do would be impossible without you!


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