Kiriana Sanchez Group 3 The purpose of the counter reformation

This reform was due to the Protestants demanding for reform of the Catholic Church. The educated Catholics, the Council of Trent, wanted to reform the Catholic Church because the Church was being criticized for selling tickets of forgiveness from sins for money and other reasons. The educated Catholics were called the Council of Trent because they met at Trent in S. Tryol from 1545-1563. The council worked so hard to reform the church that they reaffirmed Catholic beliefs and fixed their image, which I think was one of the most important factors of the reformation. Another important factor was how the whole reform started.

Pope Paul III

Pope Paul III is considered to be the first pope of the Counter Reformation because he was the one how convened at the Council of Trent in 1545. Current events with the current Catholic Pope are similar to the reformation by trying to reform the Catholic churches beliefs to the modern day. That they are still important and relevant but just altered in the way they are practiced by adapting to todays people. The decisions made at the Council of Trent aided and led to todays religious situations within the Church.



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