Antony And Cleopatra REviewed By Ana C. 04/20/17

"Mark Antony Was a Roman general.Cleopatra was the Queen Of Ancient Egypt.Together,they made one of the most powerful Couples in History.But they let their love go to their heads. When pirates tried to take over Rome, Antony was not there to fight them.The only thing on his mind was Cleopatra.And the only thing on her mind was keeping Antony in Egypt" Based On The play by William Shakespeare...
Quote:The Story of Antony and Cleopatra Took place Over 2,000 years ago.But some things never change.People were greedy.they lied to one another.they Fought with their friends.and they got into trouble all in the name of Love.
REVIEW: Four years before this story happens,Julius Caesar was the leader of Ancient Rome.Back then,Rome was the center of a huge empire.Its leaders ruled other cities and countries around the world ,too.But Caesar had too much power.He is declared himself the dictator of Rome,Then,He was Killed. But Antony is in Love with Cleopatra in the finish Cleopatra and Antony they die.
I like this book because it is about a story from the times before a love to death I love it...
Because it is very interesting and they are stories that are worth reading I recommend them is the best...
To this book I give a scale of 5 stars I like and besides that is understood everything very well by its images.
Images The Characters Of The Book.


Created with images by AdinaVoicu - "girl princess dress" • Jorge Lascar - "Pyramid of Cheops behind Chephren" • snowpeak - "Park Ave." • Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It. - "Luxor - Karnak - 01" • Pexels - "alone camel desert" • MChuc - "egypt sphinx pyramid" • kirkandmimi - "rome monument colosseum" • Nick Kenrick.. - "Rome" • KathleenPirroArts - "nefertiti egypt queen" • MunkeyGorfette - "Cleopatra Eye" • M. Martin Vicente - "MAN" • Biblioteca Rector Machado y Nuñez - ""Julio César"" • FranciscoCosta - "mar sunset beach" • Fr Antunes - "Atlantic Sunset"

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