Inside Tijuana's New Vibrant Trendy District by: Maricela Perez

Avenida Revolucion, in Tijuana, Baja California, has transformed from a place that tourists would normally not visit, to now the ultimate destination for food, drinks and entertainment.

Restaurants, breweries, shops, art house movie theaters and trendy coffee spots are some of the places that Avenida Revolucion has to offer for visitors from all over the world.

With its industrial aesthetic, self-toasted coffee beans and innovative coffee beverages, Coffee Container Co., has contributed to Tijuana's tourism growth.

Credit: Travel Agent Central

Ricardo Gonzalez, manager and barista at Coffee Container CO. says, Avenida Revolucion isn’t what it was 25 or 15 years ago. What happened? There was a small burst in Tijuana with problems, so tourists stopped coming. After, a new generation of young entrepreneurs with ideas appear and older people with visions and capital start to invest in the ideas of these young entrepreneurs. Tijuana starts to grow culturally and gastronomically, not just food wise, but also with beverages such as craft beer and coffee.

He says, the latte which contains two ounces of espresso and milk, in some occasions flavored syrup, is their most requested beverage.

If a steaming cup of coffee doesn't make you want to travel to Tijuana, wait until you see this fusion. Cine Tonala is Tijuana’s first three floor art house movie theater. It offers cocktails with a view and after you can head downstairs to catch a show.

Edward Diaz, operations manager at Cine Tonala says, every Saturday you can see groups of people walking on Avenida Revolucion. People don't just stay in one place they are constantly moving, visiting news places and bar hopping. After, they come and visit our place to enjoy the view and take photos on the terrace.

People are surprised with this concept of a movie theater with an independent and cultural proposal. Also, the mixology of authors and food. The love the assortment of sea food, pizza and hamburgers. Most importantly, our visitors love the view from the terrace of Avenida Revolucion, says Diaz.

If cocktails on a breathtaking view isn't enough, you can walk across the street to Teorama/Ludica, a craft beer tasting room for more pours.

Marlon Revello, head-brewer of Teorema/Ludica Co- tasting Room says, tourism is extremely important, especially because we are located in Avenida Revolucion which is the most famous avenue in Tijuana and is always filled with tourists.

For example, on Saturday’s many Americans and sometimes even Europeans visit Tijuana to try craft breweries and they leave delighted.

Are you still wondering why you should go to Tijuana? Tijuana is a food lover’s paradise and your wallet’s best friend, tourists assure.

I think the food is definitely the obvious, not to sound cliché, but everyone says the food here is amazing and it is. We are going to get the OG Caesar salad, but this is the second time I’ve been here. We are here to DJ, so the night life here is great, it’s really fun, tourists who came from Los Angeles say.

San Diego tourists also say, The art here is really cool and it is everywhere! It doesn’t stop at one place, it’s not secluded into one area, it’s this entire strip. Also, San Diego is boring and sterile. There is more going on here, more culture, more atmosphere and drinks are cheaper.

Let's not forget about the locals opinion! Cindy Castaneda, a resident from Ensenada, Tijuana says, I came to Avenida Revolucion because they have more bars, beer, better DJ’s and more people than in my city.

Art and food have become a way for us in the United States and Mexico to figure out our relationship with the border. It opens a dialogue and permits us to define who we are through our experiences.

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