The Renaissance Emmanuel

R.The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the renaissance.

A.It helped Italy by having great trading between Venice.

C. It said that Italy began great trading with Venice in the textbook.

E. That means that trade grew between Italy and Venice.

S. In conclusion this is how the Silk Road helped spark the renaissance.

Italian trade cities

Medici Family

Rediscovering the Past

R. They helped shaped the renaissance because they wanted to to research the lost writings in Latin.

A. They helped shape the renaissance because they researched it in Latin .

C. It stated in the text that " they tried to translate the old writings into Latin form".

E. They were trying to translate it into Latin because it was not in a common language.

S. In conclusion they translated the lost writing into a common language.

Leonardo Davinci's artwork

The Mona Liza was one of Leonardo's most famous paintings along with The Last Supper. Leonardo Davinci could not find the girls smile they say it took him months to make her smile. Then one day she just smiled making Leonardo Davinci able to finish the Mona Liza painting.

Mona Liza and The Last Supper


Paper and Printing

This was the printing materials they used.

The printing press was an impact on literacy it was cheaper and easier to prepare. It replaced the animal skins on which people had written on before. And because of it more people were able to read more books and the Bible was available to more people.


R. Shakespeare was one of the greatest play writers of all time.

A. William Shakespeare reflected the idea of humanism by telling everyone in plays or straight up that everyone in society has meaning.

C. It said in the textbook that William Shakespeare sent a message that everyone had some worth.

E. Humanism means that everyone has worth and Shakespeare was trying to give that message to everyone .

S. In conclusion this is how William Shakespeare helped shape humanity.

Always the wrong person give you the right lesson in life.
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