Teaching What is Relevant Working with a Developing Mind

The language critical period, or second language acquisition,s take place prior to the age of 15. This makes it a much easier task to learn a second language at an earlier age because our minds are programmed to do so.
By removing foreign language classes from high school curriculum it gives students the opportunity o take other more relevant classes, like art classes. High school students would be more motivated to perform better in theses classes and it would give them an outlet for expression, which in-turn would help battle against anxiety and depression.

Many countries around the globe have already adopted this system. Finland, for example, begins to teach their children a second language no later than third grade. Finland is also ranked first in a lit of best educational systems around the world. Maybe if the U.S. did the same it would earn us a higher ranking.

Most importantly, Educating students at an earlier age how to embrace and respect the differences between us, whether it be language, culture, the color of our skin, and so on, will lead them to be more accepting of the contrasting ideas, beliefs, and characteristics they have between others later on in life. Having differences gives them the opportunity to learn from each other and create peace, not prejudice and hostility.


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