Steve McCurry ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Steve McCurry is an American photographer that was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1950

McCurry's love for photography first sparked while attending Penn State university. He originally planned to major in cinematography and filmmaking, yet after enjoying working as a photographer for his school's newspaper he decided to major in theater arts. After college McCurry worked at another newspaper job for "Today's Post" in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. After two years Steve left to shoot freelance photography in India. Soon after he set out for war-torn Pakistan disguised in afghan garb. This trip later established Steve as one of the premier photo journalists of his time and won him the Robert Capa Gold Medal.

The majority of McCurry's work consists of portrait shots of unique or interesting individuals in countries of conflict or other hardships. Steve also enjoys shooting in crisp, bright colors and with a high quality output camera. McCurry is also an established landscape photographer, capturing the essences of cultures into photographs.

McCurry has traveled all over the world on photojournalistic adventures. Steve's most recognized photos are from Afghanistan and India or from when he was documenting the Iran-Iraq War, Lebanon Civil War, the Cambodian Civil War, the Islamic insurgency in the Philippines, the Gulf War or the Afghan Civil War.

I personally really enjoy Steve's work. I love how he uses bright colors and contrast to attract the eye. I also envy his skill of being able to capture the emotions of an event or person into a photograph.

EVALUATION (photo above): In the photo above Steve uses minimal to almost no empty space, and fills the whole photograph. He utilizes the drastic contrast and bright colors of his subject to draw the viewer's eye towards the center of interest (the man in green). The quality of light looks as if it was taken outside in the streets or in a market or square between buildings. What I like most about this photo is the mood that it creates. It shows adults covered in color, with large smiles spread across their face and joyful carelessness like that of a child.

Steve McCurry is important to the world of photojournalism for his dedication to document hardships around the world and his ability to tell a person's story, or "capture their soul," into a single photograph.

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