Compare & Contrast: the Ming emperor + the Tokugawa of Japan Sarah euliano - WOH2022


  • Japan had always adopted isolationism. Ming dynasty become isolationists after 15th century leading to the downfall.
  • They did not want their culture to be influenced or changed by the traders or Christian missionaries that were arriving on their land.
  • Japan allowed Chinese agents restricted trading privileges.
  • The people were strongly governed
  • Japan had divided social classes - China was divided through North & South.
  • Both wanted to protect their power and culture.
  • Both practiced Mandate of Heaven.


  • China was religiously and socially diverse + Japan was run by strict social classes.
  • Although they both practiced Mandate of Heaven - Japan interpreted it differently.
  • Japanese government severely controlled merchants.
  • Tokugawa did not support Christianity - while the Ming dynasty had many religions flourish during this time.
  • Ming dynasty supported foreign trade.
  • Japan is run by imperialism + China is run by scholar mandarins
  • China had challenges of peasant rebellions and Japan had to maintain peace between their people.
  • Chinese emperors can be overthrown - Japanese emperors typically are not.
Founder of Ming Dynasty
Founder of Tokugawa Shogunate

I would have rather been apart of the Japanese culture. They worked hard to protect their culture and their image. They were careful with trade and only allowed certain (China + Dutch) merchants to enter their land. Although it was run by a very strict Hierarchy - it wasn't eventually run into the ground like the Ming dynasty. The Tokugawa of Japan left a legacy behind - but the Ming dynasty was taken over by rebellions and had a brutal downfall.

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