Student Rental Accomodation mobile app by anna pilat


Student Rental Accommodation would like create an interactive mobile phone application prototype for students and owners to help them find your dream home or rental property they have. Many students complain of difficulties in finding a good lodgings near the university. Also, owners would like could use a good application for mobile phones that allow to the easy and quick to place an adverts and find potential tenants.

  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Clear
  • Legible
  • For diffrent age
  • For two towns: Edinburgh and Glasgow

Application for all.

The mobile application for Student Rental Accommodation have to enable students to quickly and easily find the apartment where they will feel like in own home and help the landlord quickly and easily publish an adverts about property to rent.

App for students and landlors.

This mobile application for a Student Rental Accommodation is created for students and lanlords. The people: Katarzyna and David are the representatives of the target audience groups. They are potential users of the application. Their profiles will help in the process of application development.

In search of ideal sitemap solutions.

Using cards with brief information we can easily establish a plan of action for our application.


In the process of creating mobile applications apart from creating a profile of potential users really will help us sitemap. Sitemap will help sort out the application page and allows you to easily understand its operation.

Paper prototype.

Paper moble phone mock-up allows you to quickly and easily create fictional app. Paper phone facilitate the process of creating a real application. After consultation with three potential users of app got a fedback on what they need and what they expect the application.

Digital wireframes.

Digital wireframes mobile application was created in the Adobe Illustrator program and consists of simple shapes. This is only prototype but it contains all the modifications and changes that resulted for testing the paper version.

App visual style.

To creating visual app style much to help moodeboards which should be the essence of what we want to use in our project. Moodboard looks like a collage made up of inspiring us pictures, fonts, designs and colors.

Moodboards are only inspiration to create Style Tiles. Each of the tiles is build of graphics, fonts, colours, textures and other elements allowing imagine final project.


The prototype is a mock-up of the project. When we design the wireframe in Adobe Illustrator we have the ability to make changes in the selection of pictures, colours and graphic elements in the final version of our project on the basis of our styles tiles. Because it was my frist app project I try find the best way and I created three diffrent version of my project.

Was selected project in a limited color version with a new logo. After that I could begin to design a minimum ten pages of my application for the mobile.

Final Prototype.

When the design process came to an end with the help of In vision I could create simulations showing the performance of my application.

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