Assignment 3-Prototypes Paper and digital

Paper prototype


- I, again interviewed the person who fits my “Techfemme” persona, asking her to “click” through the pages to arrive at the page where users can find the costs for their office visits. Please note: the term “Office Visits” covers doctors visits, lab work, and other in-clinic activities.

About 3/4 of the way through videoing this process, the two of us got stuck with the terminology Kaiser has implemented across its site. The process of her attempting to achieve success at arriving to the desired screen was still encumbered by this unclear nomenclature, and she was unable to arrive at her desired goal. In constructing the paper prototype, I failed to change the Claims Summary header to my proposed Office Visit Statements header. This, too added to the user’s confusion.

In doing this exercise, I most certainly learned to better prepare my questions and make sure terminology was consistent for the user and what not to do when constructing the paper prototype. It is a fail, but given what was learned, it is a good fail.

Digital prototype


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