CLIFF HANGER, a daring adventure bY KEVIN (AKA batman)

these are the characters : Axel the boy right there

Dag the guy right there

Grits the dog right there

"Hey little dude" some climbers said "what do you want?" Axel replied "Well, your little doggy followed us up, not bad for a little dog." "Grits, and where is he? "Uh....Well...." the climber stuttered "Uh well what?! Axel said "We left him, at the eye of the storm" the climbers said "you sissies!! You should've gotten him!!" Axel exclaimed, "I will get him.Thanks to you. Now carry on."

Hey, Ax, you sure you want to enter the storm? Dag said, "Of course, what did you think?" Axel said "This is gonna be hard, but I don't care, get my gear, I'm bravely gonna go up there."

"huff!!! this is hard! If I fall to my death you WILL catch me,I'm almost there," Axel shouted "Well, don't die!" Dag joked. "I found him!!" Axel shouted.

"Hey Grits, don't jump


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