Sound catalyst

We will use video, animations, and images that appear to be responding to sound waves. By doing this, we will be expressing sound implicitly, (rather than explicitly) which will be more engaging and intriguing for our audience.

Iridescent Colors

The ebbing warp of iridescent color scapes will bolster our expression of the sort of motion that is caused by sound.


We will discover ways to implement the design motif of waveforms. There are many possibilities for this expression. Waveforms of various kinds will become a quintessential part of the MGA brand, even if they are presented in a variety of ways.

Clean interface

Bold, clean typography and a simple, modular interface will help communicate professionalism without losing the “leading edge” quality.


Setting a relatively monochromatic stage allows the iridescent pops of color to shine without competing with design elements. Negative space, web elements, and other aspects will remain more monochrome, so the graphic elements can stand out. The added benefit of a monochromatic framework will be the longevity of the brand style.


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