Self-Management Time management self-study

Part I: Creating the Plans

Semester Plan: The Big Picture

Weekly Plan: The Ideal Week

Daily Plan: The Nitty-Gritty

Part II: Monitoring Implementation of My Plan

Day 1: Monday, March 6

Today definitely didn't go as planned. I realize that when I made this calendar at the beginning of the semester I didn't really have a good idea of how much work I would need to put in for each class. I was very surprised that most of my activities fell in the Q2, or important but not urgent, category. I feel like today I was fairly productive and used my time wisely for the most part. I probably could have limited my phone and TV time. I crammed all of my English reading into the time I had right before class and it made me feel stressed. Overall, I think that I used most of my time wisely but could definitely benefit from starting my homework earlier than the day its due.

Day 2: Tuesday, March 7

Very similar to Monday, today didn't really follow my weekly calendar. I think that my calendar was unrealistic because I don't always have work for all of my classes that take up the allotted time that I gave myself on my weekly calendar. Anyways, today nearly all of my activities fell in the Q2 Convey Quadrant- which I am very happy about. Today felt very relaxed and I think that it will give me a lot of energy to work hard tomorrow which is great because tomorrow is going to be very long and stressful.

Day 3: Wednesday, March 8

Wednesday was very stressful and tiresome. I had to wait until today, Thursday, to write this journal because I was so exhausted after my test that I passed out at 9:30. Anyways, Wednesday was so exhausting because I not only is it my longest day, with classes from 9am to 5:30pm, but I also had a test from 7:30-9:00pm. I did not plan out my time as well as I should have. I had a lot of activities that fell in the Q1, or Important and Urgent, quadrant which made me feel anxious and like I was spreading myself too thin. After meeting with Mrs. McGregor, I found that it is best to lightly review on the day of the test rather than have intense study sessions the day of so I will definitely be adjusting my schedule to implement this. Again I waited until the day of to start my Econ homework. I need to work on starting homework and assignments in advance that was they aren't all shoved into a hectic day like today.


Part III: Reflection and Revision

After attempting my first weekly schedule for three consecutive days, I realized that some things needed to change. Firstly, physically it was hard to follow. To correct this, I figured it would be easier to understand if, instead of color coding things by the color of the ink, I should color block things based on the type of activity. In the new schedule, blocks of pink are class times, orange is for studying and homework, green is for academic help, blue is for personal things like the gym and church, and yellow is for designated breaks throughout the day. I found that this is a lot easier to follow than my first schedule. As for the actual set times, those needed some tweaking as well. I realized that having specific study times set for specific classes was unrealistic and not efficient. Since I didn’t always have three hours of work/studying that I needed to do for each class each week I found that it was easier to block out a large chunk of time and work on whatever I needed to do. This turned out to be not only easier to follow but it made for more efficient study times as well.

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