Natural History Museum By: George William dyche iii

My favorite exhibit had to be the butterfly exhibit because of all the plants and butterflies. I loved all the colors and how on the day I went it really did feel like I was in a tropical rainforest. It felt like I was just taking a walk in the park. I loved all the wildlife and colors that were on display and thats what really caught my attention. Something the exhibit can teach you is how so many different species can coexist like all the different kinds of plants, bird, and butterflies. What made it so enjoyable was really being with nature and to completely forget that we were actually in a museum.
Every exhibit provided you with nature in a way different to others. In one you saw how humans experienced it way in the past, you could walk through it as you live and breathe, and finally you could also see how it was millions of years ago. It really opens your eyes when you see how the terrain of the world has evolved as you walk through the fossils and so in that aspect you really learn to respect it. As I walked through the museum I felt a sense of awe for all the artifacts they had on display and how big things like sloths use to be. I went through with Chris and the size of some of the prehistoric sharks were amazing. Something that made it easy to connect was being able to walk into the indian hut in the seminole section. I really did learn to respect nature for its beauty and made me think of how we can do better to preserve it.
Our ordinary lives don't usually include seeing full scale fossils on ancient elephants and things of that nature. You can't go outside and be surrounded like hundred of butterflies or fossils like you can in the museum. It really is something I enjoyed going to and learning about all the natural history. People can learn more about themselves simply by seeing if they like frogs, fossils, butterflies, or human history. It's a place that helps someone experience a whole new world almost literally.

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