Bacillus Anthracis (ANTHRAX)


  • Scientific name: Bacillus Anthracis
  • Common name: Anthrax
  • Alias: Bioweapon
  • Anthrax grows in the soil, then inside the host's body
  • Anthrax kills. it has been used as a bioweapon and was used in the 2001 bioterror attacks against the US.
  • Anthrax can cause skin lesions, internal trauma, and total organ failure, and can still flood the body with toxins even after it is dead.
  • There is an option of taking a 60-day antibiotics course to prevent symptoms, but anthrax can become untreatable in few days.
  • Anthrax does not need allies, because no other disease will cope with it. However, climate and poor hygiene will help it.


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