Tech In The Class Will Cornish

Monday December 19


I will be able to defend my own opinion on technology in the classroom by what I learn today in class.


Learn the pros and con of using and utilizing technology in the classroom.


  1. Go over target and purpose
  2. Talk about pros and cons of using tech
  3. Different ways teachers can incorporate technology into their classroom.
  4. Padlet Activity
  5. Google quiz

Pros Of Using Technology

  1. Prepares students for future careers.
  2. Teachers can differ the lesson to help the students specific needs.
  3. Gives a chance for students to work collaboratively.
  4. New research has shown that using technology, students retain more information.
  5. Makes students more responsible.

Cons Of Using Technology

  1. Teachers lose time because of issues that come with technology.
  2. Having technology in schools and classrooms is very expensive.
  3. Students work at their own pace. Students might not be ready when the test comes.
  4. Easily distracted by all the things on the internet.

How Can Teachers Use Technology???

  1. Use different presentation and project software.
  2. Use collaborative idea sharing platforms.
  3. Do advanced science labs that require materials that are to expensive for the school.
  4. Have students create a website.

Padlet Activity

Google Quiz

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