Traveling to Australia danielle Morrison

Ayers Rock

Australia is a beautiful place to visit. There are so many things to see and explore. This Zine will lay out a two week trip to see as many sights as you can.

Australia is huge and there is no possible way you could cover it all. I decided to focus on the East coast of Australia. Located near the east coast is Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Outback.

Australian wildlife

Australia has an expansive amount of wildlife. It is most famous for its kangaroos and koalas. It has many other animals that are not common in America. Australia is also home to the dingos, platypus, wallaby and wombat.


Walk along the Bondi to Coogee coastal trail, visit the Taronga Zoo, go to the Opera house, walk on the Harbour Bridge, explore the Blue Mountains, learn to throw a boomerang, and discover the Australian culture.

Snorkel and dive at the Great Barrier Reef

  • Biggest reef system
  • Home to more than 1,500 species of fish
  • Stay the night on an island in the middle of the reef
  • See eels, sharks, turtles, and lots of other exciting sea life


Visit the Daintree whichis located in Queensland and is the oldest tropical rainforest. It has a beautiful variety of plants and animals. You can even float down the river, sleep in a treehouse lodge, and take a tour from an aboriginal guide.


The Outback is a land full of beauty and history. This expansive land offers a whole array of activities and places to explore. You can take trains across the outback or rent a jeep and explore by yourself. Visiting the outback requires a significant drive further inland. If you're able to make the trip, it will be well worth it.
Taking a trip into Australia is like visiting a whole new world. It will allow you to learn new things and explore exciting places. Maybe you can learn hoe to throw a boomerang while you are there. The possibilities are endless.

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