What Does it Take for Someone to Change the World? By: E.E

Taking risks can change the world.

It takes risk to change the world because half of the people saving the world is helping/saving someone from danger which requires risks.

Now just imagine what would happen if someone swam in there. They wouldn't feel safe, they would just feel scared. That's why saving people for something they did could set an example for them to spread and change the world.

Watch this video to learn about how risks can help.

It also takes confidence for someone to change the world.

It can take confidence to change the world because when you go on stage and tell everyone a story about how someone saved you or made you change, if you got embarrassed no one would take you seriously.

Watch this and learn even more about confidence!

Did you know that bravery can change the world? Hmm.... Can it?

It sometimes takes bravery to change the world because when you are going to save someone from something very scary or just scary and dangerous, and you save them, it can set examples.

Watch this video to learn about bravery. How bravery can change the world. This video is very important.

Next: Inspiration.

It can take inspiration to change the world because if you inspired someone or you got inspired and shared that with tons of people you can encourage others to provide then ways to help the people who can do the same.

Another reason it takes inspiration to change the world is if you didn't inspire people you wouldn't set examples and examples in one of the main things for changing the world.

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