Claude Monet Jack Federico•Period a•28 november 2016

Monet was born on 14 November 1840 in Paris, France.
Monet began studying and understanding the effects of light in his studio on the Seine River in Argenteuil, France.
His early large landscape paintings and water lilly paintings were inspired while he lived in Giverny, Eure, France. His style painting waterlillies is often contrasted from before and after he had cataracts and surgery, his later works having redish and bluish hues in them because he could see ultraviolet light. He also died here on 5 December 1926 (aged 86).
He is known as the founder of French Impressionist Painting.
Left to right/top to bottom: "Impression, Sunrise"(1872) 1′ 7″ x 2′ 1″ Musée Marmottan Monet; "Woman With a Parasol"(1875) 3′ 3″ x 2′ 8″ National Gallery of Art; "Water Lilies"(1916) 200.5 × 201 cm (78.9 × 79.1 in) National Museum of Art; "The Water Lily Pond"(1899) 3′ 0″ x 2′ 5″3′ Metropolitan Museum of Art; "Red Boats, Argenteuil"(1875) 61.8 x 82.5 cm (24 5/16 x 32 1/2 in.) Harvard Art Museums

The work depicts the Le Havre harbor scene at sunrise. The sun, faint boat masts, rowboats, and the reflective water are all depicted. The vertical lines making up the masts give a vibe of strength (they must be strong to survive the seas). Texture is used to show movement in the water; the ripples and small continuous waves are shown. Color and shape are used to create emphasis on the rising sun. The feeling given off by this painting is similar to what one would feel if they were actually there. The cool colors make it feel like its a brisk morning, fresh and awakening, a little chilly. This work was created in 1872, following the defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. The regeneration of France was exemplified in the thriving port of Le Havre. The contrast of elements like the steamboats and cranes in the background to the fishermen in the foreground represent these political implications. The representation of Le Havre as a center of industry and commerce may celebrate the renewed strength and beauty of the country. If I had the money I would buy this painting. The cool color scheme with the emphasis on the red sun gives an invigorating feeling.

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