Geothermal Energy By: Siana King

Where it can be found

Geothemal energy can be found in heat within the Earth

How it works

Groundwater is heated by magma, then becomes steam or hot water. The steam or water is discharged into the air by geysers or natural vents. Geothermal power plants then harness energy from within the Earth by pumping steam and hot water.

DiFferent types of Them

There are 3 different types of geothermal power plants.

  1. Dry steam power plant: used to generate power directly from steam
  2. Flash steam power plants: get hot water inside the Earth and convert it to steam, most geothermal plants are flash steam plants
  3. Binary cycle power plants: Transfer heat from geothermal hot water to another liquid.

ENvironmental impacts

Geothermal power plants do not burn fuel to generate electricity like other power plants do. They release only 1% of carbon dioxide in the air compared to other fossil fuel plants. Geothermal plants do little damage to the environment.

Economic impacts

It costs 4.5 to 7 cents per kWh. Geothermal energy doesn't have any hidden costs such as high air emissions.

Countries that use geothermal energy

In Iceland, 95% of buildings use geothermal energy. In the United States , .3% of the energy used is geothermal energy.

Common applications

Geothermal energy can be used in buildings and in homes.



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