7 Elements of Art by gIgi


It is said that lines don't exist. How do we walk in a straight "line" then? Or how do cars know what way to go if there aren't any lines to lead them ?It is said that lines don't exist. How are we guided then? What defines the details in our eyes , noses , mouths , and bodies? If lines don't exist , does that mean I don't exist ?


There's different shapes in life and they're all okay. it's okay to be different, everyone is unique in their own way and that is because of your shape. shape is your definition, learn to love it , you are beautiful because of your shape


Color is the cherry on top of our lives. Theres different hues to color, I must admit. Color is just a detail, it's pigment to our skin. Color is not punishment, color is beautiful. Color should not be the reason to why people are dying everyday.


Everyone needs their space. Some need a lot of it, some don't need as much. Every place has a different space. Space comes in different sizes. Some small, some big. One thing for sure is that they all have a different feeling and meaning.


Seeing things live with dimension is exciting. It only makes living much more special. The world is made up of mostly forms, it's an amazing experience. If we saw things as pictures, that'd be very sad and disappointing, everyday would be a cloudy rainy day.


Bumps, ridges, lines, smooth. Feeling that basketball in my hand is happiness. I can feel the air within the pressure it gives. As I release that ball from my hands to shoot it I can feel the letters brush off my finger tips. Everything has a texture, it makes the thing that in our possession interesting.


Her life has value too. Just because you can see the shining bright smile on her face when you first start seeing her , it doesn't mean it's permanent. You suddenly start to wonder why she doesn't answer your calls. That's because of you, you lead her into the dark side, her smile is now a sickening frown. You changed her bright life into a life with a black value.

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