Tsunami-HANDAID 17th phase of building, september to November 2017 Sri Lanka


Tsunami-HANDAID volunteers engaged in building a Library. They also renovated and equipped a science lab.
Our super team who worked day and night.

The Tsunami-HANDAID volunteer program was a great success. A group of 13 dedicated volunteers plus local professionals, parents of the school and students worked together to construct a library building and also to renovate the science lab for the Hunnelembuwa school in Kuliyapitiya, Kurunegala District in Sri Lanka. This school has 467 students from grades 1-13 and 17 teachers. They thrive with their devoted and motivated principal.

We helped the local professionals to build by bringing sand, stacking bricks, cement, and wood to the work site as well as laying bricks, mixing concrete and cement, along with many other jobs.

Tsunami-HANDAID volunteers, parents and students working together.
One of our volunteers laying bricks.
Volunteers stacking bricks.
Sorting and stacking the bricks.
Construction work in progress.
Working hand in hand with the parents of the school.
Volunteers at work.

Break Times - volunteers interacting with the locals.

Having a snack.
Preparing for the snack break.
Volunteers having their tea break.
Danae with the local community.
Tea break.
Lovely parents from the school.
Our daily lunch was made by the parents from the school.

Tsunami-HANDAID volunteers also assisted in renovating the science lab of the school. Two of our volunteer families were very generous and donated the necessary apparatus, tools and materials to equip the science lab. The Hunnelembuwa staff, students and parents are thankful and appreciative for the donations.

Buying building materials, renovation/painting of the Science Lab.

Volunteers interacting with the students of the school.

Tsunami-HANDAID volunteers had a half a day to go into the classroom to introduce games to the students. We all had fun interacting with one another.

Building towers and making puzzles.
Playing a game.
Nereo gave a salsa dance lesson to a group of students.
Teaching how to tell the time.
We also had the opportunity to play soccer, volleyball, cricket and Elle with the students. Elle is similar to softball. It is a communal activity enjoyed by the whole village, young and old, male and female alike.
Getting to know each other better.
Danae, who is 15 and one of our ISB senior school students, gave an art workshop to 77 high school students. Her focus was on the techniques to sketch a portrait.
Using the techniques that Danae shared with the students.
Danae sharing her knowledge...
Look at the results!
Danae's fan club.
The children were so impressed, they even asked for autographs.
This is the library which is now complete. It is dedicated to Cristina Soares. She was a member of the ISB Learning Support team who donated many books to this library.

Opening of the Science Lab - Farewell to Tsunami-HANDAID volunteers.

Cutting the ribbon.
A new look to the science lab with new equipment.
A mural to represent Tsunami-HANDAID.
The local school community showing their appreciation and gratitude.
Assembly to bid farewell.
Danae's work.

Tsunami-HANDAID volunteers

Andreas, Danae, Mikey, Toby, Barbara, Nereo, Esme, Yvonne, Vicky, Orren, Carla, Costas and Sujeewa

Tsunami-HANDAID Volunteers 2017


The working holiday was very successful and included many unforgettable moments for all involved. Both the school community with students, teachers and parents as well as the volunteers learnt from each other and enjoyed the time working together towards a common goal. The construction work on the library building is now complete. We also established new relationships with local volunteer associations as well as some entrepreneurs who are also striving to provide a better education as well as a better future for the children of Sri Lanka.

The volunteers were so touched by the harsh reality faced by the stray dogs in the area, that they decided to help the stray dogs that have made the school their home. In particular, the volunteers helped two little dogs to be spayed, vaccinated against rabies and mange, and to receive treatment against ticks and fleas. Most importantly, the volunteers helped foster a better relationship between the school community and these dogs.

Tsunami-HANDAID - Short History

Tsunami-HANDAID was founded in the immediate aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami. We are a neutral organization which is neither religiously nor politically based. We provide school facilities for basic education, as well as housing for children and families who have been affected by disasters in various communities across the world. We also provide these services to those who live in severely disadvantaged areas. Volunteers participate actively by organizing fundraising events and/or by dedicating their time and skills on the building site, at their own expense. Through the process of each project, the volunteers and the local community interact and work together towards a common goal. All building materials are locally sourced and projects support local workers within the community.

For the last 13 years ISB parents, students and staff have been actively involved in Tsunami-HANDAID projects by raising awareness, raising funds and building houses and schools in all the areas that Tsunami-HANDAID was engaged in. This direct involvement has been invaluable for Tsunami-HANDAID’s existence and success. We take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who supported us in many ways to reach this common goal.

Completed Library, Science Lab, Computer Lab and the School Toilets

This library is dedicated in memory of Cristina Soares who was a beloved member of the ISB staff. It was built by Tsunami-HANDAID of Switzerland, ISB community and the volunteers in collaboration with the Lions Club of Maharagama Goldencity.


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