The Redesign of a 4th Grade Classoom “There are three teachers of children; adults, other children, and their environment" - Loris Malaguzzi

How might we capture the essence of the Huasteca Mountains into an irresistible canvas for learning?

Discovery as observation: How does space impact the learning experience?

How might we enhance what we love and design around constraints which restrict inspirational learning experiences?

The need for community, hacked learning spaces, and an investigation into definition of ownership of space and materials emerged.
Discovery as empathy building: How might we gain insight into the desired user experience?

What do we want learning to feel and look like?

Interpretation: Drivers emerge to inform a better plausible learning experience.
Rough to refined, Showcase, Choice, Social, Green, and Design emerged as drivers to inform design.

What's the first word that comes to mind in the ReDesigned classroom?

Wonder, Open, Curiosity, Fun
This project was a collaborative effort of teachers, students, and admin alike who are working to redefine what learning looks like, literally.
Created By
Brian Hamm

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