Medieval Torture Devices by blake dallas

In ordeal by fire, the accused had to walk a distance of 9 feet holding a hot iron or a hot plough share. In three days, the accused would be judged whether they had healed or not. If they did, they were innocent, but if not, they were guilty.
In ordeal combat, two parties went against each other in combat. The winner was declared innocent.
The interrogation chair was used to torture those convicted of witchcraft, and it looks like the most brutal. There are spikes on the entire chair basically, and usually the victims confessed they were guilty to the most odd of crimes. Gallows is a very popular form of torture that everyone refers to as “hanging.” This was used for those accused of death, and happened on the streets.
Death by sword was a honorable and mild death penalty, because all they did was simply cut off your head, and being killed by a sword was considered honorable.
The rack was a torture device that stretched out your body. This torture device marked the start of modern criminal proceedings.


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