Management skills Communication

What does communication mean?- The definition of business communication is the process of transmitting information about and within an organisation.

An example of business communication is an email system set in place for all employees to see what they will be reviewing or covering in the next business meeting

How to promote communication in the workplace as a manager:

  • Have an email for all employees so they can be updated on events and contacted easily
  • Have a common room which all employees can talk/socialise
  • Have a record of all employees contacts in the company in case of emergency
  • If working in an office, have company computers for all employees
  • Have regular meetings once a week with managers to discuss issues and matter of importance
  • Purchase and update new technology to process information faster, so miscommunication is reduced
  • Managers should show set by example and have positive body language towards employees

Why should managers strive to improve their ability to communicate?

Managers should always try to improve their ability in communication because their work will become more efficient and less effort will be needed to get a message to employees. Improving this skill also means that there is a reduced chance of complications occurring because of miscommunication and it allows the manager to keep track of employees progress.


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