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Time is really moving fast, we are going to be doing a round of testing using the ACT test for middle school. This is for a grant from PUrdue university called Gear up. We need data and as much as we are tested out, this is a great assessment for us to us as a base line. Purdue will be tracking the students through at least high school. Gear Up will begin with summer camp from June 5 - June 8 with transportation and meals. Please email for more information and there is no charge. We will also have afterschool and tutoring next year.

Assignments are beginning to wrap up and we will only have one or two more works. I am looking to get more writing in and another lab before we finish, but the calendar is full. Students will need to stay on top of the work in class and align themselves with other students who will allow them to be successful. They have really come a long way since last August. I couldn't be prouder of these kids and the skills they have developed.

We are still working on collaboration and the rules with their rules. This past week we worked on compromise. This component has 3 important rules. 1) the compromise should be a win-win. 2)all parties will be giving up something. 3)all parties will have the need met 100% Student were given the following picture and asked how this demonstrated or did not demonstrate compromise and which rules the situation meets or does not meet.

A reminder that this wednesday the 10th many of our students are going to the bats game. right now it looks like it will be a very nice day. Maybe some sunscreen and spending money for water or drinks. "batter UP"

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