Alexander The Great the story of alexander the great

Alexander the Great was born in Pella which is in Macedonia in July 20, 356 B.C. His dad is King Phillip the 2nd and his mother is Queen Olympia. Alexander had a sister and they both grew up in Pella's royal court. Growing up Alexander barely ever saw his father, and he spent most of his time enhanced in military campaigns and military affairs. Alexander received an amazing education and after his father died he walked in his footsteps.

In 336 B.C. Alexanders sister was going to marry a King and later after the wedding King Phillip the 2nd was murdered by Pausanias, a Macedonian noble. After Alexanders fathers death Alexander was 19 and was told by any means necessary he was going to need to seize the throne. The Macedonian army said that Alexander was king and helped him murder any possible heirs to the throne. Alexanders mother Olympia wanted to help make sure that Alexander would get the throne and killed Phillip the 2nd's daughter and drove Cleopatra into killing herself.

As Alexander was getting close to getting to the throne he heard that Thebes had forced out Macedonian troops that were stationed there. Scared of a revolt of the other city-states Alexander took charge taking his massive army to Thebes. Alexander and his army arrived at Thebes so fast that Thebes didn't have enough time to get allies. 3 days after Alexanders arrival, Alexander and his army led the massacre of Thebes. Alexander hoped that the destruction of Thebes would play as a warning sign for the other city-states to not mess with Alexander the Great.

In 334 B.C. Alexander went on an Asiatic expedition arriving in Troy. Alexander faced Persian King Darius the 3rd's army Darius' forces were then defeated. Later Alexander and his army had crossed the southern coast of Asia minor to Gordium where they stayed to rest. In 333 B.C Alexander and Darius' army's faced each other again and even though Alexanders army was outnumbered Alexander used military strategy to win over the Persians which caused Darius to flee. In November 333 B.C. Alexander declared himself king of Persia because he captured Darius and made him a fugitive.

In 325 B.C. Alexander recovered from his injury caused by the Malli warriors and he and his army headed North to the Persian Gulf where many fell to illness, injury, and even death. In February 324 B.C. Alexander reached Susa desperate to recruit more soldiers Alexander tried to connect Persian people to Macedonians in order to create a ruling class. After Alexander recruited Persian soldiers in his army he got rid of many of his existing Macedonian soldiers which made them very angry. The Macedonian soldiers spoke badly of the new Persian soldiers and in response to this Alexander killed 13 Persian military leaders. Later there was a Thanksgiving feast which was in meaning to bond the Persians and Macedonians.

While going over his conquests Alexander the Great died on June 13, 323 B.C. of Malaria in Babylon. Alexander the Great was 32 when he passed and a woman named Rhoxana gave birth to Alexanders child shortly after his death. After Alexander died his empire collapsed and the nations within it fought for power. Later the cultures of Greece and Orient grew as a side effect of Alexanders empire collapsing. That effect became apart of Alexanders legacy and the telling of his greatness to the world.

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