Chapter 29 By Michael Roscoe

Central Nervous System - Consists of the brain and spinal cord and all nerves; was once the dorsal nerve cord before humans evolved

Peripheral Nervous System - The nerves that carry signals between the CNS and and the rest of the body

Somatic Nervous System - Part of the peripheral nervous system that controls voluntary skeletal system movements

Autonomic Nervous System - Nervous System that controls the involuntary bodily functions like breathing, heart beat, and digestion

Parasympathetic System - Conserves and slows heart rate, helps increase activity in intestines and glands, controls sphincter muscles

Sympathetic System - Controls involuntary activities such as dilating pupils, gastrointestinal organs, sweat glands, dilates blood vessels

Sensory Neurons - Nerve cells within the nervous system responsible for turning stimuli into impulses

Interneuron - transmits impulses between other neurons

Motor neuron - contracts muscles and uses muscle fibers to move muscles

Neuromuscular Function - Formed by a motor neuron and a muscle fiber that transmits signals to cause muscle contractions

Acetylcholine - Chemical in the brain that is released by nerve cells to send signals on to different cells

Norenepinepherin - Chemical that is released form neurons that can increase blood pressure and heart rate

Epinephrine - hormone released into the bloodstream also known as adrenaline that can increase strength and increase heart rate

Synapse -The junction of nerve cells that allows impulses to pass

White matter - connects gray matter and carried nerve impulses, surrounded by myelin sheath

Gray matter - controls muscles, memory, emotions, and decision making

Cerebral Cortex - Contains gray matter and controls consciousness

Lobes of the brain - frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe

Limbic System - Controls functions of behavior, long term memory, and motivation

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